Research Proposal on Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is a complex of actions, methods, strategies, solutions and decisions aimed at the effective production of crude oil and gas or shortly petroleum. Oil is the most useful and valuable natural resource on the planet and people use it in different spheres, but generally in industry and energetics. It is obvious that it is not easy to discover the basins of oil and gas and extract the resources on the surface, so the petroleum industry focuses its efforts on the two major aspects: exploration of the resources and petroleum engineering, which embraces a great number of processes aimed at the extraction of the resources.

A great number of disciplines cooperate in order to make this process possible; for example, geophysics and geology work hard to study the location of the petroleum reservoirs, their depth, the quantity and quality of the resources, the structure of the neighbouring rocks, which can make the process of extraction problematic, etc.

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Petroleum engineering is divided into several subcategories, every of which has its own duties. The main tasks of petroleum engineering are to evaluate all the information collected by the geologists, to analyze it and do the entire practical work about the extraction of petroleum. Engineering studies and evaluates the condition of the reservoir, calculates the best ways of drilling, making the appropriate well, predicts the ‘behavior’ of the oil and gas on the basis of their physical characteristics, etc. Petroleum engineering works out numerous methods of the extraction of crude oil and gas and tries to reduce the cost of this process inventing brand new techniques and approaches.

Petroleum engineering is an important part of the petroleum industry and everyone should be aware about the principle of its work. If a student is interested in the detailed investigation of the problem, he can try to prepare a good petroleum engineering research proposal and persuade the professor in the success of the chosen topic. One should focus on the purpose of the research of the problem of petroleum engineering, predict the results of the research, present the methods and sources used for the investigation and summarize the paper properly evaluating the relevance and importance of the suggested topic.

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Custom Research Proposal on Petroleum Engineering

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