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Reality Television or reality show refers to a type of TV programs, which are allegedly or actually trying to depict reality. Usually the actors of the show are non-professionals and their activity is not subject to a script.

The concept of reality TV was first realized in the United. In 1948, The U.S. show Candid Camera filmed with concealed cameras the reactions of ordinary people to unusual situations. The first reality show as we know it today seems to be An American Family aired in 1973. It portrayed how a typical family went through a divorce.

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In the late 80s, the reality show formats continued to evolve. The COPS (1989) showed police officers at work, and was the ancestor of all reality shows filmed in a documentary style. The Survivor became one the first reality shows in which ordinary people strange to each other participate in a competition for the public’s favor. This conception obtained the biggest success in the form of the most popular reality show the Big Brother.

Reality television is a frequent target of criticism. Many psychologists express concern about the possibility of causing psychological damage to the people with unstable mentality, especially to youngsters with immature character: they perceive behavior of the participants, which is often quite inadequate, as a role model. Critics emphasize critical role of the television in the development of teenagers. They also indicate that values portrayed on reality television have a negative impact effect on the morality of spectators, who are often disposed to accept television images as a reference without analyzing it. In addition, there is a concern about the mental state of participants who have for a long time lived in the place where they were under constant observation.

Research paper on reality television can be of a great interest for a lot of student who are anxious to understand the extent of impact this genre of programs has on mental state of the average viewer. There are several important questions that good investigators are to answer: what are the main characteristic components of this kind of show; what are the reasons of such popularity of reality television; how such show affect the viewers; what is the criticism on reality television. These are the key points that will guide you through all the complexity of the issue.

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