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A TV show is a cohesive program broadcasted by a TV channel. Some channels broadcast programs directly on air while others just broadcast previously recorded show with a certain delay. Some channels broadcast programs only on special occasions; this is true primarily for local TV stations. Between programs, a TV channel broadcasts either commercials or information about new programs that the channel shows.

TV shows can be categorized as including news programs, children’s programs, entertainment programs, talk shows, documentaries, and TV series.

A distinction is often made between live and recorded programs. In the case of live broadcast, a viewer sees the events in real time. Direct transmission is used for example for news programs, sports events, and the shows where a viewer can make a telephone call.

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TV shows are often produced by a TV channel, or by a production company, which then sells the right to broadcast programs via terrestrial, cable, or satellite. An example of a production company is Meter Film & Television. Examples of TV companies who produce television series and television programs and broadcast more channels via cable television are the HBO U.S. and Swedish Canal+.

The most common ways for broadcasters is to transmit the purchased programs via terrestrial, cable, or satellite. TV channels still organize their programs into a cohesive schedule where every television show is broadcasted at a specific time on a specific day. Viewers must abide the TV channel schedule. Developments in IT and telecommunications technology, however, allows forms of distribution, where households are free to choose which programs they want to watch at any time. TV channel could for example put all the month’s TV programs in a basket from which every television viewer can download the programs he wants and watch them at the time that suits him best. Today it is also very common to provide replays of a TV show for download via TV channel websites.

The need to watch a TV series you completely missed, or missed the first few seasons of it, has created a market where the TV series is sold or rented out as DVD boxes that contain all episodes.

This demand, combined with a desire to watch the new season episodes as quickly as possible has led to the widespread downloading from the Internet and piracy are now not only in films but also in TV shows.

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