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Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a framework for rapid developing web applications and was created by Dane David Heinemeier Hansson at the 37signals company. The framework uses the object-oriented scripting language Ruby and defines a number of basic system architect selection. RoR helps the programmer to follow the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and generates code for basic functions such as reading, editing, and deleting database information.

To write a decent research paper on the topic you have to know that Ruby on Rails was initially designed to facilitate the development of agile methods (including test-driven development) and has inspired many other projects, such as TurboGears.

RoR applies two very strong philosophies. The one, Convention Over Configuration, which makes it easier for the developer when so much is predetermined.

When the other, Do not Repeat Yourself (DRY) tries to discourage duplication of code.

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Proponents emphasize the opportunities for faster development rate in projects using RoR, while some opponents argue that a framework like RoR can often be in the way of what you want to do.

Operation of RoR applications are mainly on GNU / Linux, but since mid-2007, it is also possible to deploy RoR applications in a Java environment.

Ruby on Rails defines the principles of applications development:

Application software should not determine their own architecture as they use ready-made framemodel-view-controller.

It allows you to use Ruby notation that is easy to read, to determine the semantic Web applications (such as the relationship between the tables in the database).

Ruby on Rails provides a mechanism to reuse, to minimize duplication of code in a web application (Do not repeat yourself principle).

The default transaction configuration, typical for most web applications is Convention over configuration principle. Explicit specification configuration is required only in unusual cases.

The main components of the Ruby on Rails application is a model, view, and controller.

The model gives the rest of the components of the program an object-oriented data representation (such as a product catalog or list of orders). Objects model load and save the data in a relational database.

With the power of dynamic typing in Ruby language, developer is enough to inherit a model class from a base class ActiveRecord :: Base. Ruby on Rails model classes automatically links tables in the database and creates the object attributes for the corresponding fields in the table.

The view provides the user interface to display the data received from the controller. The view also sends user requests for the data manipulation in the controller (usually a species does not directly change the data model).

Controller is the main component responsible for interaction with the user. The controller reads the required data from the model and prepares them for display and saves the displayed data in the model.

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