Research Paper on Rural Marketing

Rural marketing is a implementing of all types of business tools, aimed at the promotion of the rural sector products, technology, and marketing of agricultural labor and delivery of goods and services to the final consumer.

Rural marketing should be viewed as a complex system, taking into account its specific features. It is a mistake to assume that all types of marketing are the same, because rural marketing is different from the industrial, commercial, banking, and other forms of marketing. Therefore, the conventional methods are not sufficient to implement rural marketing. That is why the very nature of rural sector gives rise to a number of objective characteristics.

First of all, rural sector is an industry with perfect competition, which is nonsense in terms of today’s economy, as in developed countries, there is a large number of companies that operate in the field of agriculture, despite the fact that they can be quite large, they cannot monopolize and capture a large market share.

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Let us not also forget about the seasonality of the rural business and the product, as well as the strong dependence of the results on the natural conditions, which make serious predictions impossible and the industry itself is that with high risk of investment, thereby resulting in difficulty of obtaining a loan from the banking system.

The complexity and specificity of rural marketing for the market study and promotion of the sales is complicated by the seasonality of production itself, as the sector is mainly divided by functions, such as the production, distribution, and sale to the end customer. The products make a long way from production up to the end consumer. Often the product is perishable, so you need to take into account the speed of delivery, suitable packaging, and service.

In addition, we should not forget that the main source of production is soil and its fertility and, as is well known, its resource is not eternal. Modern research and development of fertilizers, soil fertility improvement, and cultivation techniques may increase to a certain percentage the productivity, but it is impossible to predict long-term consequences of such investments.

Another important feature is the fact that the work period, depending on the type of activity may not coincide with the period of production. This is mainly concerned with crops and livestock, as for the cattle growing you need more than a year, as well as, for example, fruit trees seedlings need time to grow up and start giving good results, so that production became profitable.

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