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Marketing communication or promotion is one the four core elements of marketing mix, which is characterized with the integral complex of means of communication which is used for the delivery of information from the producer to consumers or target markets. Marketing communication embraces every activity of the company which is aimed at the promotion, remembering, persuasion and informing the customers about the goods and services of the firm. Marketing communication includes the informative ads which are supposed to inform the consumer about the existence of the production manufactured by the firm or to inform him about the possible changes and improvement of the product. The major aim of marketing communication is to persuade the consumer in the quality and originality of the product. The customer should want to buy the product without paying attention to its price after watching the ad.

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The advertisement is not just the delivery of information, but it is a direct communication between the company and the client during which the first one tries to persuade the latter one in the necessity and exclusiveness of the production. The model of marketing communication is quite simple as it consists of five elements. The first element is the sender or the firm (wants to deliver the concept to the consumer); the second element is the receiver (the customer); the third – the message (the set of codes and symbols which possess informative and persuasive value); the fourth – the channel of connection (the means used for the transmission of the information) and the fifth – feedback loop (maintains the control of the successfulness of the transmission of the message and helps to make sure whether the consumer has understood the message).

Marketing communication is the complex of methods aimed at the promotion of goods and services among the target audience. The student has the chance to research the problem deeper if he chooses the issue on marketing communication for the research paper, but before that he should persuade the professor in the effectiveness of the topic with the help of the proposal which includes the main points of the research, the methodology and the sources which will be applied for the analysis and investigation of the matter. The student should deliver the information and arguments logically and precisely to inform the professor about the main idea of writing.

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