Research Proposal on Occupational Health and Safety

Occupation health and safety is the system of protection of the life and health of employees in the process of work. The system includes social, economical, organizational, technical, sanitation and hygienic aspects. Moreover, occupation health and safety also studies the legal background and offers a set of laws which protect the rights of employees in case of an incident. So, one of the most essential components of the system is sanitation.

Due to the high level of sanitation it is possible to protect employees from the harmful impact of the bacteria which cause various diseases. It is very important, because a good employee is a healthy employee. Every boss should provide the staff with the healthy working environment which will protect health and personal hygienic requirements of employees. Then, employees should be protected from the dangerous impact of the electricity, so all the wires should be checked quite frequently to make sure the electrical safety is achieved.

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Every employee should be protected from fire and should be aware of the rules what to do in case of fire (should be informed about the system of exits, etc.). The boss should provide employees with the protection from the waste materials of the harmful production. Finally, employees should be protected from the accidents connected with production and should know how to behave in such situations.

Occupation health and safety system is very important for the success of business, because the better protection system is, the better the production will be and there will be less incidents and problems with law for the employer. The professor expects that the research proposal will be interesting, well-composed, well-analyzed and possess logical thoughts and concepts. One should concentrate on the logical structure of the paper and the quality of the data included there. First of all one should study the whole topic in detail to be able to analyze every its point and draw wise conclusions and finally offer some effective and interesting ideas which can broaden the topic or solve its certain questions.

The key point of a research proposal is its convincing side. One should work hard to create a persuasive proposal which can prove the professor that the topic is really worth investigation.

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