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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of HTML-code, text content, and site structure adjustment and control of external factors to meet the requirements of the algorithm of search engines, in order to raise the position of the site in the search results for certain user queries. The higher the position of site in search results, the greater the likelihood that a user visits the site as people usually follow the first links of search results.

The main task of the Search Engine Optimization is to bring increasingly more visitors to yr site (90% of users find new sites through search engines, 55% of online purchases and orders are made on websites found through search engines.) The high level of confidence to the search engine allows you to convert a large percentage of visitors into customers, and the cost per visitor attraction is minimal.

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What are parameters of a site that Search Engine takes into account to calculate its relevance:

  • Frequency of keywords: modern search engines complex algorithms allow to conduct semantic analysis of the content in order to weed out search engine spam, when a keyword is very common (more than 7-8 percent of the total content) or very rare (1-3%) on the page. Optimum Keyword Density is 5-7% of the text content of a web page with keywords (phrases) should occur in the text at least 3-4 times.
  • Index site citation, or the number of web resources that link to this site, many search engines do not take into account reciprocal links. It is also important that the external links to the site are from the recourses in similar subject area.
  • Accordingly, all factors that influence the position of site in search results can be divided into external and internal. Thus, optimizing includes:
  • Internal factors that are controlled by the website owner include: bringing the text and markup in accordance with the selected queries to improve the quality and quantity of text on the site, stylistic design of text (titles in bold) to improve the structure and navigation, the use of internal references;
  • External factors: exchange links, registration in catalogs and other measures to increase and promote the number and frequency of reference to the resource.

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