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Google is the largest network of search engines, owned by Google Inc.

Google is the first on the popularity of the systems (79.65%), with 41 billion 345 million searches per month (market share is 62.4%) and over 25 billion indexed web pages. It can find the information in 195 languages and supports searching in RTF, PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PostScript, and others documents.

The Google search engine has been created as a training project at Stanford University by students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In 1996, they were working on the search engine BackRub, and in 1998, it was used as the basis for their new search engine – Google.

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Although the company was founded September 2, 1998, and domain was registered September 15, 1997, starting from 2000, Google celebrates its birthdays at both dates alternately.

The name Google came from deliberately distorted by Sergey Brin word “googol,” which means “ten to the hundredth degree” – 10100 in the manner of the word “doodle,” which means to scribble or draw aimlessly.

Google search robot is Googlebot, which is the main robot, scanning the content of the page to the search index.

Besides it, there are several specialized robots:

  • Googlebot-Mobile – a robot indexing sites for mobile devices.
  • Googlebot-Image – a robot that scans pages for images indexing.
  • Mediapartners-Google – a robot that scans the content of the page to determine the content of the AdSense.
  • Adsbot-Google – a robot that scans the content for assessing the quality of AdWords pages.

Google uses PageRank algorithm to calculate the credibility of a page. PageRank is one of the supporting factors when ranking websites in search results. PageRank is not the only one, but a very important tool of determining the position of a website in the Google search results. Google uses a PageRank of found pages upon request, to determine the procedure of ranging these pages in search results.

There is a sandbox theory, which states that the sites that have new domains, change frequently its owners or nameservers are placed in so-called “sandbox” (waiting area) and stay there until Google finds it is ready to get out of it.

There is also another theory, called “bonus beginner,” which states that at the first indexing of your site, due to certain aspects (such as multiple references to authoritative sources) a high PageRank and good places in the search results are immediately assigned to the site. With time, when the effect comes weaker, the site has its actual showing.

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