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Web design is a branch of the web development and design, intended to design user interface for web applications or web sites, as well as its structure and art decoration. A competent web designer should be familiar with the latest web technologies and have the appropriate artistic qualities. Most of the professionals working in the field of design are usually a part of such a creative formation as a design studio.

Web Design is a form of graphic design, aiming at the development and design of the web sites information environment, designed to provide them with high consumer characteristics and aesthetic qualities. This interpretation separates web design from web programming, highlights its specific objects and describes web design as a form of graphic design.

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At present, website design services are provided by special companies and private individuals (web designers or webmasters who are often freelancers).

Web Designer is a relatively young profession, and professional education in the field of web design is not yet widespread. Due to the increasing demand for the web sites development, the number of web designers is constantly growing.

Currently, the term “web design” refers to the structuring of a web resource, providing usability for the users. An important task of web design in recent years is bringing a site in compliance with W3C requirements, which provides access to the content for people with disabilities and users of mobile devices, as well as cross-platform compatibility. In addition, the Internet Marketing is directly adjacent to web development in a form of a web site promotion and publicity, as well as the search engine optimization.

The designer work begins with drawing of sketch, usually in a graphics editor. Designer creates one or more different sketches, in accordance with the client’s demands. At the same time, the designer creates a separate design of the home page, and designs typical pages (e.g., articles, news, products, contacts). When doing this, the designer should consider the limits of standard html (not to create a design that then cannot be realized using standard html). The exception is Flash-design.

The approved design is transferred to an html-coder, who “turn” a graphic image into a web page with a table or CSS layout. A typical page will then be used as template.

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