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Prostitution is the offer of the services of the sexual origin for money. Prostitution has always existed in the human society and the attitude of the public has always been different towards it.

More than two thousands years ago the role of prostitutes was played by the female slaves, captured during the invasions of new lands and the whole countries. Women were sold for money to various rich merchants who made these women prostitutes. Very often the role of prostitutes was played not only by slaves but free women who did not have any opportunity to survive and support their living. Evidently, such tactics exists even now and the role of prostitution remains the same.

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The attitude towards prostitution is generally negative, as the women sell their bodies for money, but on the other hand there are different reasons which made the women act this way. When a mother does not have opportunities to feed her child, she is ready to do everything, including such things. The government mostly reacts categorically towards prostitution, but in many countries prostitution is legalized but the women can work only in the special places offered for these services. It is obvious that the attitude of the church is radically negative and prostitutes are considered to be extremely sinful and prostitution in general is demanded to be banned.

The main problem of prostitution is not the service itself, but the problem of human sex trafficking.

Most of modern prostitutes work in such a way not because of their will. Young women are often made to do it under the threats. The global community is ready to legalize prostitution but with the only condition: authorization of every prostitute, which means that a prostitute works according to her own will and posses Id which can prove her personality. This condition can reduce human sex trafficking and enable prostitution exist peacefully.

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