Research Paper on Shyness

In humans, shyness is a feeling of insecurity that some people experience when they are in contact with their peers, talking to other people, asking for favors, etc.

Shyness has been seen as a disease to cure since at least the late nineteenth century. Shyness, psychological and moral study written by Ludovic Dugas in 1898, gives an idea of ??the age of the concept.

Shyness is most often manifested in an unfamiliar situation. As many shy people avoid these situations in order not to feel uncomfortable, the situation remains foreign, so shyness continues.

However, the trigger is variable. Sometimes, shyness seems to have its origin in symptoms of an anxiety reaction. In others, shyness would develop first, causing later physical symptoms of anxiety and discomfort.

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However, there are also evidences that a person becomes more or less introverted not only due to its genes, but also to the environment in which the child was raised. A shy child dealing with strangers, for example, may eventually lose this trait thereafter.

Shy people do not necessarily feel the same degree of timidity toward all people. For example, they can be a bully with their ??friends. An actor can play a brave hero on stage and be shy in an interview.

Shy people tend to perceive their own shyness as a defect, and many of them are uncomfortable because of their shyness, especially in cultures giving importance to individualism and decision responsibilities. On the other hand, many shy people are perceived as attentive ears, and think more before speaking. In addition, the boldness, the opposite of shyness, also has its own problems, such as impertinence, and inappropriate behavior. This also applies to the daring feint, as compensation for shyness.

Shyness is not synonymous with introversion. Introverts choose to avoid social situations because they derive no benefit to themselves from it, and may feel overwhelmed by an overflow of sensory stimuli. Shy people fear these situations and think that they should avoid them.

Shyness generates psychological suffering. Indeed, one can perfectly measure own disability but cannot find solutions to solve it. In addition, one analyzes his behavior and accurately measures the social difficulties that trigger it. It is a human characteristic, which is difficult to solve and has a more devastating than constructive role.

Students, who write their research papers on shyness, should know that girls are more shy than boys. If a girl is the first child in the family, she is more shy than a girl, who was not the first. The first-born boys are shyer compared with younger brothers was noted only up to 7 years of age, in the following years the link to the intensity of shyness depending on the order of birth has not been proven.

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