Research Paper on Skill Development

Skill development is a type of professional training, aiming to increase the level of theoretical knowledge and improve practical skills. Skill development is a training aimed at a consistent improving of the professional and economic knowledge, skills and abilities, and the available occupations skill. To improve the skills of workers there are various courses developing skills in many different areas. The purpose of skill development is to update a theoretical and practical knowledge and to meet the ever rising requirements of the state educational standards.

Skill development includes the following types of training: short-term (at least 72 hours) thematic training on a specific disciplines, which makes up the core of professional activity and is completed by passing the relevant examination, and the defense of a research proposal on these disciplines.

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Theoretical and problem classes (from 72 to 100 hours ) on scientific, technical, technological, socio-economic and other issues arising at the level of sector, region, organization; long-term (over 100 hours) training of specialists in educational institutions for in-depth study of current issues in science, engineering, technology, and social economic and other problems on the profile professional activities.

One of the type of skill development is a traineeship. It is intended for the purpose of forming and fixing in practice, professional knowledge and skills acquired through theoretical training. This type of the training is also carried out in order to learn the newest practices, to acquire professional and managerial skills, to better performance in profession activity or aiming at the future promotion.

College and university students who are seeking to write a successful research paper on skill development have to look through free example research papers on different topics to get an idea that a research paper is a small written presentation, a statement of any scientific work, the results of a conducted investigation or a report on any subject, based on a review of different sources. Usually its purpose is a demonstration of students’ knowledge on a particular subject, topic or issue and the practical skills of analysis of scientific and methodological literature.

A research paper, as well as any written document and has to be written in accordance with certain standards and procedures. Without burdening you with different standards, we list the main rules of writing and presentation abstracts with examples.

The main part of a paper consists of several sections, gradually revealing the subject. Each section examines part of the main topic. Allegations of positions supported by evidence from the literature (citation, an indication of numbers, facts, definitions). If the evidence is taken from the specific author, you have to make a reference to the source and indicate the publisher.

Finally (very briefly) you should identify the overall conclusions on the main subject, the prospects for the development of the study, your own view on the problem and on the positions of the authors whose ideas you have used as a source of your investigation.

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