Research Paper on the Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a practice of external education usually involving student parents or hired tutor. The necessity of the homeschooling is stipulated by a few factors; the parents’ lifestyle and the needs of a child. In the family with two working parents, it is practically impossible and senseless to educate the child in external form, as it quite difficult to hire a teacher for all necessary objects. For such form of training, there is necessity in a constantly present adult who will be able to help the child in the educational process, contact an educational establishment if needed, and control academic progress of the child. In most cases, it would one or both of the child parents.

The main pros of homeschooling are the following:

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  • Absence of the violence from teachers and coevals.
  • There is no limiting necessity to observe unnecessary rules and rituals.
  • There is a possibility to control the moral, ethical and religious views of the child.
  • Possibility to live on a natural biological clock.
  • Possibility to study the special objects, such as rare languages, art, architecture, etc. from the early childhood.
  • Educating process is not so rigorous as that in school, due to relaxing home situation, the risk of school traumas is mionectic, problems with a posture and vision can be timely corrected if started.
  • An individual training program helps bring up a personality in the child.
  • These is close contact between the parents and the children, extraneous influence is eliminated.
  • Possibility to master the school program for less than full school term.

The cons of homeschooling are:

  • there is no socialization for the child in homeschooling, as there is no collective to experience co-operating with other students.
  • permanent parents control after the process of studies is required.
  • there is no hard discipline, the necessity of permanent work for a whole school day.
  • there is no experience of conflicts with coevals and teacher.
  • there are difficulties with getting the diploma, entering higher educational establishments.
  • the parents not always are able to teach to the exact objects or arts, system of thinking.
  • overprotection by parents can result in infantilism or egocentrism for a child.
  • absence of experience in real life situations can obstruct the beginning of independent life.
  • the child gets used to his onliness.

Homeschooling is an optimal variant for the families that are forced to travel a lot, move from a city to a city, for a long time live abroad, in small remote settlements far from decent schools. Homeschooling or partial school attendance is an objective necessity for seriously sick children, having some issues with their development (autism, ADHD) or other disabilities, as well as adopted children with heavy educational neglect. The temporal home educating (for a school year) is part of rehabilitation after heavy stresses, psychological traumatic experience, dangerous diseases, etc. In some situations, it makes sense to privately educate a gifted child with the autistic features of personality. The individual educating hardly befits sociable, active extraverts, as well as the kids lacking initiative, lazy and incapable of self-discipline.

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