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One of the main activities of the bodies and institutions of education is to insure proper school attendance and for that identify and register children who do not attend regularly or have valid reason for skipping training sessions. The task of each educational institution to ensure the right of all citizens to receive secondary (complete) general education, preserve the contingent of students to complete their educational institution.

To write a good research paper on school attendance you have to learn that timely detection of the none-attendance causes, patient, persistent work with problem children, the ability to find individual pedagogical approach to them, which may prevent their exclusion from school, solve some of their problems, conflicts with classmates are great contribution to the prevention of juvenile delinquency and guarantee of the effectiveness of legal education of pupils.

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None-attendance contributes to the emergence of difficulties in school children to learn academic disciplines and subsequent unwillingness to learn and visit the state educational institution. However, the “unwillingness to learn” is rather a consequence than a cause.

The none-attendance causes are, as practice shows, diverse: vagrancy, strained relations with classmates, teachers, parents at home and school, alluring shops, computer clubs, the feeling of loneliness and uselessness at home and school, the obstacles on the part of parents or them avoiding their duties, moving out with parents without keeping school records, and many others.

  • Monitoring school attendance should be made by teacher, who must find out the reason of 1 to 3 days absence of student during the classes with his parents.
  • If a student missed a class without a legal reason and his parents did not know about it, homeroom teacher should warn them of the need to gain control over the child’s behavior and school attendance.
  • In addition to the conversation to the parents, homeroom teacher recommended to have the student individual consultation with a school psychologist and a light take appropriate measures to eliminate skipping classes. It is necessary to interact with parents for joint efforts to address the identified causes.
  • If the student parents have not adequately responded to the information on their child none-attendance and the student keeps his absence, he should be visited by his teacher at home. The parents should be notified in writing of the administrative responsibility for evading their responsibilities for the children upbringing and receiving basic general education.
  • In the case when working with the child and the parents did not give proper results, and the minor continue not to attend classes without valid reasons, the student should be put on the control of social – pedagogical committee.
  • The parents not paying due attention to education of the student should be reported in writing to the district minors commission.
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