Research Paper on Tourism in India

Tourism in India is an integral part of the economy. According to a study by the World Travel and Tourism Concil, $ 121 million would be generated by tourism in India, nearly 6.4% of gross domestic product. 39.3 million jobs now depend on tourism, or 7.9% of the population. The tourism-related GDP grew by 229% between 1990 and 2011. The current forecasts estimate a 7.7% increase of GDP per year during the next decade. Other research agencies say about an estimated 8.8% increase. This would put India in fifth place at the annual growth due to tourism. Medical tourism is also a major factor in the growth of tourism in the country. In 2011, 6.29 million foreign tourists visited India, mostly from the United States (16%) and the UK (12, 6%). The most visited areas are Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. That said, tourists also frequently visit regions such as Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. The most visited cities by foreign tourists are Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Agra. Worldwide, Chennai was ranked 41st among the most visited cities while Delhi is the 50th, Mumbai – 57th and Agra is 65th.

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As it was said above, tourism in India is very important part and more than that, it is increasingly significant part of the GDP. For those college and University students, who have chosen the tourism in India as the subject for their research project, it is very important to understand fully the responsibility of the proper representing facts and numbers in their research proposals. In addition to this, they would have to have the ability to present their thoughts and ideas in the most favorable light.

To do this, the investigators would have to learn a set of rules, which will ensure the success of their initiative. You can find out these rules by carefully studying some free sample research paper on different topics.

  • First of all, you have to chose a name for your research paper. It should attract the attention of the reader. However, if you were targeting professionals, you probably would have to sacrifice beauty for the sake of accuracy.
  • Next stage you cannot evade is the “Annotation.” This short description of your work will allow the readers to understand, if it is worth spending time on the article. By the way, in the annotation, you cannot use acronyms and professional jargon, and its size is typically less than 200 words.
  • In the introduction, you will have to describe the object of your research, the definition of goals and objectives, as well as a brief history of the issue.
  • Section “Theoretical and Experimental Methods” contains data that allow other researchers to duplicate your results.
  • In the “Results and discussion,” along with a description of the results you should determine their potential significance and scientific novelty.
  • In the “Conclusion” to draw conclusions, and if necessary, outlines the prospects for further research.
  • Section “Acknowledgements” should be entirely dedicated to those, who assisted the author in his work in any possible way.

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