Tourism Marketing Research Proposal

Tourism marketing is the process of making the tourism industry and its elements popular among tourists. The process of tourism marketing is becoming more and more relevant nowadays, because tourism industry increases its popularity rapidly. Every year millions of tourists travel all over the world improving their background knowledge, broadening their outlook and entertaining. The sphere of tourism marketing is quite wide, because it involves a great number of components which are essential for the quality organization of the successful process of travelling. The businessman who has decided to establish his own tourism business should bear in mind that it consists of numerous elements – recreation, hostels and hotels, restaurants, theme parks, museums, etc.

It is important for the owner to advertise his business in the proper way mentioning the name of the institution, its location, menu, list of services, the climate of the place (for those who are seeking for recreation at the seaside or longing for various winter sports or climbing at the mountains), etc.

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Tourism marketing starts from the attraction of clients with the help of different methods. First of all it is possible to place the ads in the printed way – in newspapers and fliers; then one can use the Internet for this purpose and advertise the hotels and theme parks and restaurants in numerous blogs and social network sites. Besides, the owner is able to attract clients with the help of promotions and discounts for hot tours which provide the tourist with the convenient price for accommodation, transportation and other services.

The problem of tourism marketing can be called quite a relevant one, because the number of tourists is constantly increasing and it is possible to invent new ways of attracting clients and advertising the places of interests which can be interesting to tourists. The student is able to observe the problem on tourism marketing and present his ideas in the research proposal which possesses its own methodology and literature review sections to convince the professor in the right choice of the topic for the analysis. One should mention all the key points for the investigation and decide what and how he wants to research clarifying the purpose and predicting the results of the research.

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