Research Proposal on Tourism Management

Tourism management is the activity aimed at the appropriate organization of tourism industry for its maximum benefit. Nowadays, tourism has become one of the most profitable types of business, because more and more people decide to travel to different countries, especially the exotic ones in order to broaden their horizons.

The popularity of tourism is also connected with the growing effectiveness of transport. It is not a problem to cross thousands of miles in several hours and visit any part of the world without any additional efforts. Tourism management is the sphere of the human activity which is supposed to make tourism interesting, attractive, easy and affordable for everyone. It is natural that the number of people who want to visit other countries and learn about other culture is growing gradually and the task of the tourism management is to advertise the place of interest in such a way to attract as many tourists as possible and make money.

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The manager who is organizing trips or develops his own place of interest should pay attention to many aspects. First of all it is advertising. The tourist should see that the place is worth visiting, that it has its own history, originality and charm. Furthermore, tourists also require to stop and live somewhere for a few days, so one should think about the hotels. Next, tourist requires food and drinks, so the number of restaurants should be high enough to satisfy everyone. Finally, the manager is supposed to think about the appropriate transport connection with the place of interest and the hotel, airport, railway station, etc.

Tourism management is the useful topic for the analysis, because this industry has become one of the most profitable businesses.

The student is able to improve his knowledge about the appropriate organization of tourism industry and learn about the aspects of its work and its components. The young professional is able to suggest his own vision of the appropriate system of tourism management and demonstrate it in the research proposal which observes the issue form the unique points of view. The student illustrates the personal approach towards the problem and describes the best variant of tourism management and shares the methodology of writing with the professor.

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