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The use of advanced technology for the organization of communications, processing, and dissemination of information is not new and has a history as old as writing. However, over the last 50 years due to the exponential development of information technology, this process has become very intensive.

One of the most important phenomena, characteristic of our time, has become the convergence of information processes with the latest technological developments, mainly related to the communications sector. The massive invasion of the Internet has allowed corporate sector and educational institutions to see clearly, where and how advanced communication technology can be used in their daily activities. How and for how much an access to all information sources of the world are able to improve their performance. The more intense is an integration of modern ICT in different areas of our life, the more obvious is their role and importance.

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Today, there is no doubt in the necessity to use the Internet for the educational purposes. It was vividly demonstrated that the involvement of the Internet in the organization and management of educational process and learning strategy can lead to a significant increase in access and quality of education on a global scale and, consequently, contribute to the economic effectiveness of educational schemes. All developed countries have already designed more or less comprehensive programs for the introduction of the Internet into education. Moreover, the vast majority of developing countries, in spite of many difficulties, challenges, and obstacles, is struggling to keep up with the general shift toward a global education community. From this point of view, the importance of systematization and analysis of the results of the global use of the Internet for the needs of different educational structures and processes is obvious.

As the World Wide Web is an unlimited ocean of information, we need certain mechanisms for effective navigation in the Internet to address very specific learning objectives, non-standard tools for collecting, processing, use, and transfer of educational information. Given that, some countries have already made significant progress in the development of the specialized search and training systems, it appears that to date there is no universal technological tools or Web-based service, which would permit to solve comprehensively information problems of the educational process. It was found, for example, that the majority of educational institutions use now no more than 2-3 of all quantity of applications provided by Web-developers.

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