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Diet pills are the preparations that help to lose or control weight. They are able to change one of basic processes in the body, namely: metabolism, appetite, or nutrient availability.

The observance of correct ration and physical activity are usually needed to control these processes. Before you start to prepare a research paper on diet pills, we recommend you study some free sample research papers on the topic, they may teach you that an inevitable and painful esurience can be related to harmful habit of overeating, insufficient amount of low-caloric food rich with cellulose or lack of physical activity (equivalent of five kilometres of walking are needed daily).

Only if such a general approach is ineffective, there may be a necessity to pass to a drug treatment. At the drug treatment of obesity all well-known preparations for this purpose are being tried, and if a result appears insignificant or not present, then it is necessary to stop such treatment and pass to other preparation.

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Regarding the probability of adverse effects, it is recommended to use such a treatment under the observation of your doctor, who decides if the benefits from such treatment excels possible risk.

If a diet routine and exercises are not effective for obesity treatment, your doctor can prescribe you preparations against obesity. Some preparations helping losing weight have an incitant effect that is why it is recommended to use them only for a short period of time. In this connection these diet pills possess a limit benefit for persons with an extreme overweight, when months and years may be required for the successful treatment.

Preparations against obesity operate according to one or a combination of the below listed mechanisms:

  • Appetite suppression.
  • The working assets are catecholamines and their derivatives (amphetamines).
  • Inhibitors of cannabinoid receptors are very promising for the appetite suppression, but require further examination.
  • Simulation of metabolism.
  • Influence on ability of organism to digest certain nutritives from food.
  • For example, Orlistat (also well-known as Xenical or Orsten) blocks fat splitting, thus preventing lipolytic digestion. With the purpose of the digestion suppression and reduction of assimilated calories diet pills containing cellulose and chewing-gum with guara are being used.

Preparations called anorexic are intended for suppression of appetite, but most drugs from this group excitant (for example, Dexedrin), in this connection other medicaments are used out of their direct purpose (for example, Digoxin).

In 1967/1968, in the USA there was a series of deaths due to using diet pills containing amphetamines. The US Senate initiated investigation and following limitation on marketing of such chemicals. The culmination was attained in 1979, when The Sanitary Supervision Council forbade using diet pills containing amphetamines, at that time most effective drugs for losing weight, for using in obesity treatment.

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