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Weather forecasting is scientifically reasonable supposition about the future state of weather in a certain point or region on a certain period. Weather forecasting is made (developed) by the government or commercial meteorological services on the basis of methods of meteorology.

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Using these free samples you may learn that it is very likely, that a weather forecasting became the first prognosis that interested people yet in deep antiquity, when there were repeated attempts to guess favorable conditions for sowing and growing their crops. From such domestic weather conditions observation, in addition to the humble attempts to correlate these condition to other natural phenomena came into existence numerous signs or indications allowing to establish connection between the present event and those in the future. From Wikipedia we can understand, in particular, that these signs are what “people learn, keep, and transfer from generation to generation as a knowledge about different signs indicative on the forthcoming phenomena of weather”. Id est people observed the weather phenomena trying to find some cause and consequence relations and use them as the simplest conformities to the general law, building the simplest prognosis.

Yet in Middle ages during the period of intense sea navigation and the age of significant geographical discoveries, weather forecasting was something very interesting for seamen. One of the first organizations to engage in the weather prediction attempts was the Meteorological Department founded in 1854 by English Royal Society Trade Council with the purpose of estimation of the sea-lanes conditions. The department was led by the famous officer of the Great Britain fleet, the Governor General of New Zealand Robert FitzRoy. He became one of the first meteorologists and is famous to be the first to give the prognoses to wide public. The first in history weather forecast was published by Robert FitzRoy on August, 1, 1860, in Times, his author was. Date of publication in the English version is named the 1860, in Russian – 1861. However soon, on April, 30, 1865 due to financial obligations, FitzRoy cut his throat with a razor. According to one of the versions, the reason of his suicide, however improbable, was the inaccuracy of his own weather forecasting.

On the that stage the weather modelling remained impossible, however a complex work on organization of gaining information about current status of atmosphere was conducted. In particular, 24 weather-stations were organized throughout Europe that interchanged the collected data via telegraph.
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