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Generation gap is a sociological phenomenon at which the cultural values of junior generation (“children”) strongly differ with cultural and other values of elders (“parents”). Children and parents can perceive each other as representatives of quite alien cultures, interests, concepts, and worldviews. The range of the problems of generation gap war developed in 1960s by Margaret Mid.

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About generations gap, about teenagers and youths that lost their way with their parents, and about parents, losing connection with their children, there was a great deal of debates. The phenomenon of discord between generations is not at all new. 2400 ago Socrates talked about it, and since then the topic periodically emerged on the surface of public debates. Reason for the discord is quite obvious: when you are sixteen or twenty you see the world quite differently than when you are in your forty or fifty. Every age has its ideals and problems. The gap of generations will always exist.

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To our days the generation gap did not have far-reaching consequences, as children grew in the conditions very similar to those, their parents grew in. Maturing, children discovered that they had adopted the spiritual values of their parents. The generation gap did not present by itself a serious problem because the question was not about a gap in the succession of spiritual values. Positions have changed today. An environment our children grow in have almost nothing in common with that their parents grew in. The generation of today’s parents grew, knowing nothing about so ordinary now things, as television, jet planes, a-bombs, lasers, computers, impersonal numbers of certificates of identity or motion for human rights. Young people are today, as never before, subject to influence of mass media. They are under the strongest impression from such public flows, as a “new moral,” from the subculture of drugs. These two worlds are so unlike that the young generation considers it practically impossible to adopt the spiritual values of their parents. Problem is not so much in the generation gap, as in the gap in spiritual succession.

This problem is especially sharp for Jewish families in which parents did not succeed to cultivate in their offspring respect and love to the Jewish spiritual values. Trying to convince children to live in accordance with the Jewish doctrines, parents discovered their attempts useless. When did they make this error? They made it when they compelled their children to spend six hours in a week at Jewish school, and were lazy even to spend an hour in synagogue.

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