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Telecommunication is the type of communication, the way of information transfer with the help of electromagnetic signals, for example, cables or radio. Telecommunication has a long history which goes back to the dawn of the human civilization, because the information transfer has always been essential for the human life and existence of the human society. At first there were visual methods of information transfer: smoke, fire, flags, lighthouses, etc, which informed people about the threat with the help of these techniques. Then, there were also audio methods: drums, sound horns and whistles which informed people about everything. The watchtowers are considered to be the first ways of communication without the use of electricity.

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Nowadays, the process of information transfer is conducted with the help of numerous electric appliances, like telegraphs, telephones, teletypes, radio, satellite communication and the Internet.

The principle of work of telecommunication is based on the transformation of the signals of the message into the primary electric signals. Then, the primary electric signals transform into the secondary electric signals with the help of transmitters. After that the secondary signals come to a receiver, where they transform into the audio, video or text information which depends on the type: the receiver and the type of the message. Telecommunication plays a great role in the life of the human society, because information is the most valuable thing nowadays, so information is exchanged and broadcasted all the time with the help of telecommunication, which develops gradually to improve the quality of its service and increase the quantity of the broadcasted data.

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