Research Proposal on Air Pollution

Air pollution is the introduction of the non-natural physical, chemical and biological substances into the air, which alter the structure of the air. There are two main types of air pollution: natural and artificial (caused by the human activity).

According to the origin of the pollutants air pollution is divided into physical, chemical and biological. Physical pollution is understood as mechanic pollutants (dust), radioactive (radioactive decay, isotopes), electromagnetic (electromagnetic and radio waves), noise and heat pollutants (extractions of hot air). Chemical pollutants are generally the gases and aerosols.

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Biological pollutants are the microbes and vegetative forms of bacteria, fungi and viruses and the products of their activity. Speaking about the natural sources of air pollution one can name volcanic eruptions, forest fires, dust, products of activity of plants and animals. Artificial pollutants can be divided into several groups: transport (pollutants based on the work of automobiles, planes, trains, ships, etc); industrial (pollutants which appear because of the work of plants, factories, power stations, heating systems, etc); domestic (pollutants which are the result of burning of the materials for heating and recycling of the domestic wastes). Air pollution is a serious problem which affects the human health badly. People should understand that they have to protect the air for the sake of their life and stop the processes which are closely collected with pollution, for example, greenhouse effect, acid rains and other process which depend on air pollution and cause the global warming up process.

If a student is interested in the topic of air pollution, he has the right to prepare a research paper on this problem but in order to do it, he will have to complete a research proposal and persuade the professor in the quality and relevance of the topic. When there is an assignment to prepare a good air pollution research proposal, one will have to spend much time to understand how to complete the paper correctly. A good research proposal should contain information about the meaning of air pollution, the factors which cause it, its types and methods which are used to cope with the problem or to reduce its effect. Moreover, the paper should be interesting and convincing and show that the topic is really important.

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