Research Proposal on Environmental Pollution

Pollution is called littering and contamination of the environment with various substances and chemicals. Environmental pollution includes air pollution, light pollution, littering, noise pollution, soil contamination, radioactive contamination, water pollution, etc. With the development of the human civilization and human activity the environment started to suffer greatly. People influence the planet badly destroying forests, mineral resources, fish, animals and plants.

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Moreover, nearly every part of the environment including soil, air and water is polluted with the industrial wastes, chemicals and gases. The amount of fresh air and oxygen is getting smaller and the ozone layer, which protects the planet from the energy of the sun and space, is also damaged greatly. A range of international organizations try to change the situation for the better but their success is minimal.

Healthy environment is all we need for good existence, but very soon we will be deprived of it. Some areas on the planet are dangerous for living, because of various types of pollution. It is obvious that the main source of pollution is the developing industrial countries with their factories, plants and stations which produce energy. The topic of environmental pollution is becoming more and more popular, because every day people notice that the situation with nature is becoming worse. So, young people who study at colleges and universities are suggested to prepare a research proposal on environmental pollution. A well-organized paper should contain the description of various types of pollution and present cause and effect of this serious problem. A proposal is a special paper which is prepared by students who have interesting brand new ideas which are helpful to solve a certain problem of the topic offered for the research. In this case if students have smart ideas which are effective to reduce the rates of pollution, they have to prepare a good research proposal on the topic.

Every student understands that he has to complete a convincing proposal in order to be allowed to conduct research further. He has to read a lot on the topic to improve his knowledge and to be able to brainstorm smart creative ideas and solutions. Free sample research proposals on environmental pollution in India will be useful as models of proper paper writing. Such models can be easily found in the Internet and can be reliable help for every student.

Free example research proposals on environmental pollution in English are prepared by the real experts who know much about the topic and the way to analyze it correctly. So, when a student takes advantage of a sample, he will understand how to make a proper composition of the paper, how to analyse data and to format the whole paper professionally.

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