Research Proposal on Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water resources with the wastes and results of the human activity and natural environment. The problem of water pollution is quite urgent nowadays, because the humanity suffers the shortage of the pure drinking water. It is extremely important to protect water resources in order to maintain people with the opportunity to live a healthy life.

There are areas in the world where there is no drinking water and it is transported from other parts of the world to protect these people from death. Water is the most valuable resource and it is important to work hard in order to protect it. Water is contaminated by numerous pollutants. They are divided into the pollutants of the natural and anthropogenic activity. The natural pollutants are the rocks, minerals, natural litter which gets into the water with floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruption, etc.

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Generally, this kind of water pollution is not too dangerous and the human activity is much more serious. The anthropogenic impact is caused by the heavy industry, transport, power stations, littering, etc. Every factory and plant and nuclear power station requires pure water for the productive activity.

When the water is used, it is poured back into the rivers and lakes with pollutants. In addition, the industrial wastes are poured into the seas, river and oceans. Furthermore, the wastes contaminate also the underground water which is the most favorable for drinking. Various means of transport also contaminate water with the wastes of their activity. The most serious impact is made by ships and automobiles. The problem of littering is also quite serious because it also affects badly the fauna of the rivers and seas and makes the water impossible for drinking.

Water pollution is the most dangerous kind of pollution because there is no a more valuable resource than water. The student is able to pay attention to the problem and try to understand the cause and effect of water pollution, present the methodology of the efficient solution of the problem, etc. The proposal should be informative and reflect the student’s level of education, the purpose of the research, the student’s expectations about the investigation and contain the evaluation of the topic on water pollution and the effective means of water purification.

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