Research Proposal on Autoethnography

Autoethnography is the study which is characterized with the social research on the basis of the personal experience revealed in an autobiography and connected with political and cultural events. Autoethnography is not the same as ethnography, because scholars of this branch do not dwell on the observation of the human lifestyle, traditions and customs of the region, but present their own impressions about the issues in the light of the events of different character.

For example, if there is a celebration of a certain holiday, auto-ethnologist will write about his own understanding of the background of the customs and peculiarities of celebration; he will not focus on the general concepts and objective demonstration of the details of the holiday. Autoethnography is quite a useful study, because it is possible to get a great number of interesting facts reading wide autobiographies which illustrate the human life from all sides, including traditions and cultural aspects of life.

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Ethnologists are able to collect many facts about the culture of the chosen region reading a few examples of autobiographies of different people living on this very area. It is wise to evaluate different points of view and then build a single objective cultural picture of the area. On the other hand, autoethnography is quite an unstable source of information, because personal understanding of the realty is always subjective, so the gained information can not be understood as absolutely valid, that is why one requires several examples of different autobiographies of the same region to reveal the actual situation and cultural and social concepts. Finally, very few autobiographies are written in the right way, without odd unnecessary facts and it is difficult to find worthy facts there.

Autoethnography is an interesting and alternative approach towards the study of social and cultural processes on the definite areas. The student is able to focus on the details of the issue and prepare a good proposal which would convince the professor in the quality of the topic. The student should think about the most interesting and disturbing questions related with authethnography is order to observe and analyze them making the paper informative and useful. Moreover, one has to insert the methods of the research and organize a neat and logical paper revealing the points required for the research in detail.

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