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Biotechnology is the discipline which studies the abilities of the living organisms and the systems and products of their activity for the solution of the technological tasks. Moreover, biotechnology is also understood as the creation of the living organisms with the desired qualities with the help of bio-engineering and genetic engineering. Generally, biotechnology is the name of the process which started in the 20th and 21st centuries which is connected with the use of genetic engineering for the creation of the plants and animals which can provide the humanity with enough food products. For example, genetically modified animals can be more productive and supply people with more milk and meat.

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The genetic modification of plants is far more popular because new cultures of plants possess resistance to cold, heat and diseases. Till the year of 1970 the term biotechnology was associated exclusively with agriculture, because the experts in this sphere created new sorts of plants with the appropriate qualities, like taste, size, the conditions of growing, etc. It is obvious that people have always used the qualities of the organisms for their purposes. The most successful example of the use of biotechnology is brewing or the process of making beer and other alcohol drinks. Today biotechnology is used in the great number of spheres; first of all in bio-engineering, bio-medical engineering, genetic engineering, medicine, cloning, etc. Moreover, the knowledge on the discipline is widely used in biology, chemistry, information technology and robotics.

Biotechnology is one of the most perspective disciplines which can be useful for the growing demands of the humanity. The one who is interested in the research of the topic is supposed to prepare a good research proposal to persuade the professor that the chosen problem is worth investigation. The task is quite easy, because one can present a few examples proving that genetically modified plants will feed more people and the problem of overpopulation will be no longer so important. A good biotechnology research proposal is expected to be interesting, contain up-to-date facts and brand new ideas which are valuable enough for the whole discipline. The paper should contain the methods which will be used for the research, predicted results and the convincing purpose of the research.

The assignment of research proposal writing is quite a troublesome one, because a student should know much about the chosen topic and the process of writing itself. A free example term paper on plant biotechnology written by the expert is quite a good solution to the problem, because a student learns the rules and the manner of the persuasive writing on the direct example. With the help of a well-analyzed high-quality free sample research proposal on biotechnology one will learn to compose and format the paper correctly.

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