Research Proposal on Brand Identity

Brand identity is the complex of the elements, like design, color, style, etc which form a certain image of a firm and make consumers remember it. Brand identity is a very important problem for business, because if a firm manages to become a brand, its success and profit will be extremely high. Evidently, the goods and services of the company should not just be of high quality, they should also be visually pleasant. The company, which produces high-quality goods, should create a beautiful identity or logo which will remain in the mind of the customers creating an associative connection of the brand identity with the high quality. That, means if a person sees a product made by the firm, she will probably buy only its product even if it is more expensive than of the competing companies.

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Brand identity is often understood only as a set of colors and shapes, but it is obvious that the term is much broader, because brand identity also makes the image of the corporation and forms an image of the regular consumer of its production. Brand identity is closely connected with advertising, because the designers advertise the brand, its logo and present a certain image of a lifestyle which is suitable for the consumer of the production made by the brand. There are many types of brand identity, and as everybody knows the process of the development of brand identity is very long. Years ago designers preferred creating detailed colorful theme identities, which reminded small pictures, but today the preferences are completely different, because everybody strives to minimalism in the design.

A student who has become interested in the nature and principles of brand identity can try to prepare a good research paper on it, but first of all he will need to persuade the professor that the topic is worth investigation. A successful brand identity research proposal should contain interesting and informative data organized into the logical structure. One should explain the purpose of the research and present the well-analyzed literature review and methodology sections which mean that much work has already been done for the research of the chosen problem.

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