Research Proposal on Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the phenomenon which is characterised with the devotion of a customer to a certain company, shop or the product made by the company. When the client is satisfied with the quality and price of the product, he starts to continue purchasing this product further and with the run of time is considered to be the returning customer. The phenomenon of customer loyalty is very important for business, because if the company attracts permanent clients, it has the guarantee of the stable income. In order to win a great number of the returning customer and increase customer loyalty towards its service a company works hard and uses numerous methods and techniques. The experts in the sphere of customer relationship management rely on the several major factors, which are able to win the customer loyalty.

First of all, it is the price. If the client sees that the price is more reasonable than in other places, he would try to purchase goods and services there. Another factor is the quality of the production.

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It is natural, that people would rather prefer quality goods, so if the product is cheap and its quality is high enough, customers would buy it. Another factors are contracts and discount cards.

The person becomes bounded to the shop possessing a few percents of discount on its production. All these factors in combination form the psychological boundaries between the company or a shop and a customer. Having got used to shopping at the certain convenient place, the client would hardly change it in future being connected to it subconsciously.

The topic on customer loyalty is very important for business, so students who are involved into the sphere of economics, management and marketing have a good chance to develop the topic further and prepare a research proposal on it. A customer loyalty research proposal is the paper which explains the purpose and expectation of the research, dwells on the methodology of the investigation, provides facts and arguments about the core aspects of customer loyalty and presents the questions which should be analyzed in detail. In general, a research proposal should persuade the professor in the success of the choice of the topic on customer loyalty and present its relevance and importance.

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