Research Proposal on Customer Retention

Customer retention is the activity of the company aimed at the attraction of new customers and binding the old ones to the company and its production. It is obvious that the success and profit of the company depends on the quantity and quality of its customers. If the number of customers is high, the firm is able to gain high income and develop further increasing its production and differentiating the choice of its production.

Naturally, the quantity of customers is not a stable figure and it can alter because of various factors. In order to avoid the problem of the lack of customers the firm is supposed to form the stable circle of the returning customers who believe in the quality of the production, support and advertise the brand to their friends and co-workers.

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The company should hire a qualified team of the experts who are aware about the peculiarities of the human psychics, behavior and the manner of work of the human mind in order to be able to create the right marketing strategy which would attract new clients and bind the permanent one.

It is quite difficult to make clients loyal to the production of the firm and to impose a certain cult of the brand on them. The task of the strategy of customer retention is to remind to the customer about the existence of the brand with the help of the quality advertisement, personal messages on the cell phones, emails, ads in the social networks, etc. If the client sees that the firm “thinks” about him and addresses personally to him informing about the new goods and services, the client will definitely develop his loyalty to the brand.

Customer retention is the important strategy which is aimed at the increase of the popularity of the brand among the greater amount of customers. The young person is able to observe the problem form the independent and totally alternative side in a detailed and well-composed research proposal. The proposal is written to persuade the professor in the relevance of the problem and should contain the successful presentation of the points important for the research, the purpose of writing and the methods of the research. One is expected to illustrate the list of the expected results to show that the paper is worthy.

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