Research Proposal on Business Administration

Business administration is the process of the control of the work, the right embodiment of the corporate decisions and solutions which influence the quality of the work of the business. The profession of a business administrator has a great number of duties. First of all he is supposed to control the quality of work of employees, the rates of production, monitor the conditions of work and the work atmosphere, so that he should be the expert in human resource management and make the right contacts with the staff. The administrator is not the owner of the company, but the main link between the employees and the board of directors. He informs the directors about the condition of the company, success and failure and suggests the best solutions to the existing problems and delivers the demands of the employees if there are.

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There are several main elements which define the skilful process of administration. First of all it is planning. The administrator is supposed to plan all the processes of management and production, create short and long-term plans organizing the work of the business. Then, the administrator should be good at the processes of organization and monitor whether the plans are fulfilled well.

Next, the administrator is expected to be an expert in human resource selection or staffing, so that find the appropriate employee for the definite work. The ability to control is also the necessary trait of administrators, because one should know how to make people do their duties effectively. Finally, the administrator should be good at budgeting and manage finance of the company well.

Business administration is the important process, which controls the core aspects of the normal functioning of business. In order to complete a good business administration research proposal a student will have to devote much time to the research of the problem and prove that the topic is really worth attention. A good research proposal is written in the convincing manner and includes reliable and brand new interesting content, which deepens the certain aspects of the topic and demonstrates student’s knowledge and ability to analyze things well. In conclusion one should present the methodology of the research and insert the literature review list which is useful for the research of the topic on business administration.

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