Research Proposal on Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the process of transformation of data into information, and information into knowledge, which can be used for the improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprise. The term “business intelligence” was introduced by the prominent researcher from IBM Hans Peter Luhn in 1958, who said that business intelligence is the ability to understand the connections between the existing facts in such a way to direct one’s activity to the achieving on his goal. The modern understanding of business intelligence is a bit more different, because they understand it as the appliances and software which work in the borders on the firm maintaining the function of the constant access to the information which is stored in the database helping the company in the process of the successful decision making. This explanation appeared in the first part of 1990s and at present time it has been slightly modified and means the complex of methods, infrastructure, instruments and other practices which maintain the access towards information and its analysis for the sake of the firm. Business intelligence is a complex system of the use of information for the development of the firm.

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The experts and group managers have the constant access towards the databases which contain facts about the current condition of the business, its strong and weak sides and they think about the most effective ways out of the crisis generating smart ideas which are so important for the decision making. All in all, business intelligence is the storage and analysis of the wide range of facts which can be used for the effective decision making process.

Business intelligence is the process of obtaining constructive and valuable knowledge from the information which is always at company’s disposal. The student has the opportunity to observe the problem deeper and prepare a good proposal which would persuade the professor in the student’s creativity and professionalism. The young person has to think about the most important aspects and points of business intelligence which are worth researching and observe them in detail. The student’s task is to prepare a well-arranged list of issues for the research and demonstrate the methods used for this purpose. Finally, one has to dwell on the aim of the investigation and prove that the research will be useful for the discipline.

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