Research Proposal on Business Process Reengineering

Business process reengineering is the complicated process of analysis, optimization and reorganization of the business processes with the aim to achieve higher rates of production and as a result profit. Business process reengineering is a difficult process which requires time and knowledge. A professional businessman should involve the most talented experts to create the best model of reengineering and compose the documentation which will be the basis of the necessary changes. Business process reengineering uses all the useful and effective facilities which can process and analyze the problematic data and help managers and all the qualified design engineers of the information systems catch the most appropriate way of reorganization of the business. Business process reengineering can be observed in two phases. First of all there is the analysis which helps to understand the image of the ideal business in the chosen sphere.

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The second phase is based on the analysis of the methods which can be used to change the existing form of the business into the ideal one. It is obvious that reengineering should be conducted without enormous expenditures, but the change should be fast and effective.

Furthermore, the company should rely only on its own abilities and resources and plan the process of reengineering soberly and objectively. The order of reengineering is simple but strict: creation of the strategy; definition of the core components, required to fulfil the strategy; detailed analysis of the existing processes; definition of the processes which require reorganization; creation of the indicators which illustrate the effectiveness of the processes; reengineering itself and finally the constant control and further improvement of the business processes.

The problem of business process reengineering is quite relevant, so many students want to demonstrate their knowledge and critical thinking skills and complete interesting research paper on it. A successful business process reengineering research proposal is supposed to contain brand new effective ideas which can solve the existing problems related with the topic. One should organize a correct structure for the paper and include reliable evidence of the effectiveness of the research. In order to convince the professor that the topic is a good one, a student should include worked out literature review and methodology sections which make the paper look worthy.

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