Research Proposal on Training and Development

Training and development is the complicated set of activities aimed at the rapid and high-quality improvement of knowledge and skills of employees. When a boss employs a novice worker, he does not expect him to work well from the very beginning, because the most talented but inexperienced employee will not be able to work perfectly well at once. Knowledge gained at college or university is generally theoretical and very often it does not have anything to do with the real world. Every employer knows about this fact and tries to correct the mistakes of the educational system with the help of short training courses which prepare a novice employee for the serious work. Generally, training courses last for no more than a month and the reason is clear – employer does not want to lose too much money and time for training.

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If an employee is a skillful one, he will learn quite quickly and very soon will start working as a full right worker. There are special managers who are responsible for training and development and they try to make the process faster, cheaper and more effective. If the course lasts for more than a month employer loses resources spent on training, money and time, that is why a manager should create the best program for training which will teach employees the basis and all the aspects, rules of work at the organization.

Training and development is the key strategy for the successful functioning of business, because if an employer wants to have top-qualified employees who are able to cope with the required tasks, he should organize the training and development process properly. A student who wants to prepare a good research proposal on the topic should study the general information about the problem first of all. When a student knows about the aspects of the suggested topic, he will be able to analyze it well and offer possible methods to improve the quality of the training and development program and introduce some effective methods which can make the process faster.

In order to prepare a successful research proposal one should know how to do it correctly, because a proposal is a paper which requires special structure and manner of writing, so a good example of the professional writer will be helpful for students to organize their own proposal well. Free sample research proposals on training and development are available in the Internet and help students seriously. Nevertheless, students should remember that free example research proposals on training and development can be used only as models for writing, one is forbidden to use data from the papers in the web, because he can be accused of plagiarism.

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