Research Proposal on CFD

Computational fluid dynamics is an important branch of fluid dynamics which includes the physical, mathematical and numerical methods which are aimed at the calculation of the characteristics of the fluid processes. The importance of CFD can not be overestimated, because its results are used in numerous spheres of human life, especially engineering. With the help of CFD the experts calculate and research the dynamics of various objects in the liquid and gas environment. For example, plane and ship modelling depend on the results of the research in the field of CFD and the technical characteristics of planes, submarines and other vehicles which function in the liquid and gas environment are projected with the help of CFD.

CFD involves powerful supercomputers in the process of research and they study the interaction of the various bodies in the different situations, including the flight tests in the supersonic speed.

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There are several steps in the process of CFD. First of all, there is the introductory step which is characterised with the creation of the geometry of the model and formation of the regular physical conditions. The next step is calculation. The computer calculates the data according to the algorithm and the physical parameters (speech, pressure, temperature, density, etc) and records the results of the calculation into its memory. The final step is the analysis of the information. The results of the analysis are reflected in the form of graphs, tables, schemes, etc.

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Custom Research Proposal on CFD

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