Research Proposal on Educational Leadership

Educational leadership is the set of activities and decisions aimed at the organization of the educational institution, students, teachers and parent for the single purpose – improvement of the educational process and knowledge of students. Every educational institution from high school to college and university has its own principle or a head, who is responsible for the management. It is really difficult to organize the educational process adequately and make it meet all the latest requirements of time, economic, scientific and cultural levels. There is so much information nowadays that is it difficult to define the useful data from the unnecessary facts which are not valid enough. So, school administration is supposed to control the type of the material which will be presented to students and compose appropriate curricula which will include all the necessary disciplines for students.

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Educational leadership touches upon not only the principle or the head of the institution, but upon all the active members of the teaching staff and parents who contribute into the development of the institution. Parents and teachers have the same right to suggest possible changes into the curricula and time management. It is important to organize the educational process in such a way to keep the student interested and involved into the process all the time. With this purpose numerous extra classes and various sections and sports activities after classes. The problem of educational leadership is closely connected with such disciplines as pedagogy, psychology, political science, management and business.

Educational leadership is an important topic which is worth investigating, because the level and prestige of the educational institution depends directly on the administration and the manner of their management. In order to complete high-quality research paper on educational leadership a student should investigate the topic deeply and analyze it from all sides and then he will be ready to draw his own conclusions and define the advantages and disadvantages of the modern educational management and complete a good educational leadership research proposal presenting the ideas and methods which can improve the current situation in this sphere. A student is supposed to introduce the purpose of the research, methodology of the investigation and the list of the used sources which prove that much work has been done to conduct the proper research.

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