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Insurance is the special type of economic relations which is aimed to provide people and organizations with the protection of their financial and other material interests from danger and risk of all kinds. In the broad meaning insurance is the protection of the interests of the individuals and groups of people and organizations from all sort of threat to their property and capital with the help of the money funds (insurance funds), formed from the gross premiums written.

Insurance has quite a long history, because it started to exist already with the time when people started to have private property. For example, thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt merchants and lenders tried to protect their property and money from the threat of stealth or cheating. The owners of valuable property started to insure it donating money into the so called insurance organizations which claimed that they would compensate the certain sum of money if the insured property is damaged or if it disappears.

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Insurance is divided into three major types: the state insurance; ‘regular’ insurance and self-insurance. The state insurance is formed with the help of the donations from the state budget and this finance is under the control of the government. Self-insurance is the system of the creation of the insurance funds by the independent individuals and organizations which donate their own money into the fund to use it in case of a problem. There are several functions of insurance. First of all it is a risk function, which is aimed to protect the individual or company from the threat of various kinds. Then there is the investment function, because the insurance funds develop the country’s economics while people donate more and more money into it all the time.

Insurance is an important and useful means of the protection of the private property and capital and the student is able to research the problem deeper and prepare a good research proposal about it. A good research proposal is supposed to possess a logical structure, profound analysis of the major points of the research of the issue of insurance, the list of the methods used to research the problem and the rich literature review which reflects the students work with the sources preparing to the research proposal writing.

Students often have problems with research proposal writing, because they are not always able to construct the right text and persuade the professor in the relevance of the chosen topic. One can use a free health insurance case study example written online and see the adequate model of writing. It is wise to borrow constructive and brand new ideas on the analysis of the topic reading a free insurance case study sample prepared by an expert.

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