Research Proposal on Depression

Depression is a psychological disorder which is characterized with the low mood, disability to feel happiness and even reduction of intellectual abilities and movement. During depression low self-esteem and the loss of interest in life is observed. Very often the person who faces depression starts drinking and smoking heavily to reduce the emotional pain and inconvenience.

Depression is the most common psychological disorder nowadays, because nearly 10% of people on the planet suffer from it. The explanation of this fact is very simple. It is obvious that the key factor which causes depression is strong stress and today people live in the constant stress, as their life is extremely dynamic and difficult. Moreover, very few people can afford rest, because work is considered to be the most important thing nowadays.

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So, depression is caused by many factors, like the loss of the close person, divorce, unrequited love and the loss of job or social status. Furthermore, there is an interesting type of depression, called the seasonal depression, which appears in autumn and winter because of the lack of light and sunshine. No wonder, autumn is considered to be the most depressive time of the year and this fact is often described in literature. There is a brief list of symptoms which can be useful to detect or recognize depression: low mood, loss of interest, lack of energy, pessimism, feeling of fear and uselessness, low self-esteem, lack of concentration, thoughts about suicide and death and insomnia or on the contrary hypersomnia.

It is obvious that depression is one of the most common problems of the human civilization and the best remedy for it is rest. In fact, there are strong forms of depression which can be cured only with the help of the professionals. Writing a depression research proposal one should investigate the topic from all sides to be able to analyze it from all sides. A student should read reliable sources and improve his knowledge on the topic and finally brainstorm his own ideas concerning the problem, the methodology of the detection or treating of depression. The proposal is supposed to be interesting and contain brand new facts if one wants his paper to be approved.

The main idea of a research proposal is its persuasive side. If a student wants to conduct research on depression, he will need to prepare a successful proposal at first to convince the teacher the topic is good. A free sample research proposal on depression completed by the experienced writer is often the best solution of the troubles with writing. If one has no idea how to construct the paper logically and what manner of writing to choose, he should take advantage of a free example research proposal on depression in the Internet.

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