Research Proposal on Work Stress

Work stress is a harmful psychological condition, which appears in the process of work. The term embraces a great number of disorders which include psychological diseases (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc) and other types of the psychological disorders (stress, fatigue, disappointment, etc); inadequate behaviour (aggression, anger, drug abuse); memory disorders and lack of concentration. These harmful symptoms can reduce the quality of the employee’s work and even his health. Work stress is also associated with the various biological reactions of the organism which can cause harm to the human health (for example, heart failure) and even cause death.

It is obvious that work is the most important activity of everyone who wants to survive in the human society and reach success. Unfortunately, very few people are able to find the job which would satisfy them and bring only joy and happiness. More than 1/3 of the employees are completely dissatisfied with their job and would agree to change their occupation if they could.

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Naturally, if one is dissatisfied with the job, this dissatisfaction and disappointment turns into the health problems and causes harm to the employee’s life, especially, nerves. When an individual works hard and a lot, he starts to suffer from constant fatigue, insomnia, headaches, lack of appetite, etc. The work stress is one of the factors which cause the high labor turnover, because the dissatisfied and tired employees want to change their workplace. The best way to reduce the work stress is to make the work hours shorter, maintain the employee’s initiative concerning the important issues, distribute the duties equally without overloading and organize their work hours with their opportunities and wish.

Work stress is the problem of the modern civilization, because there is hardly a person who does not spend the majority of her time at work. The student who is investigating the issue of work stress can prepare a good research proposal with the intention to write a research paper on it. One is expected to explain the purpose of the research of the work stress and provide the idea with the serious arguments. The student should provide the professor with the valuable facts about the relevance of the work stress in the modern life and share the methodology used for the research in order to persuade the professor in the quality of the research and validity of the future results.

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Custom Research Proposal on Work Stress

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