Research Proposal on Disaster Management

Disaster management is the discipline and policy which is aimed at the prevention of the risk of the disaster and the complex of actions which are supposed to reduce the consequences of the disaster. The discipline includes preparation and training in case of a disaster before it occurs and the reaction to the emergency (for example, evacuation, quarantine, deactivation, etc) and the active part in the works aimed at the restoration of social life and activity after the natural and industrial disasters. Disaster management is an extremely important set of measures which reduce the risk of disasters and its value is very high, because it is cheaper and safer to prevent a disaster than cope with its consequences.

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Disaster management is especially important in the areas where the risk of disaster is high, for example industrial buildings, plants, factories, dams, nuclear power plants, etc. the experts in disaster management are supposed to monitor and predict the possibility of a disaster; calculate the risk factor; locate the forces which will be used for the defeat of the disaster logically and optimally; improve the quality of work of the enterprise and its protection facilities; develop the information facilities which can inform people about the disaster at a moment’s notice to safe as much people as possible; etc. Naturally, disaster management touches upon a common person starting from kindergarten. Small children are taught how to behave in case of a disaster in order to save their lives from early years. As well students at schools, colleges and universities and all sorts of grown-up employees have to take the active part in the training in case of a disaster to be aware of the basic actions in the emergency situation.

Disaster management is the important and useful set of actions from the quality of which depends the well-being of numerous people. Students who are interested in the research of this topic are permitted to write a disaster management research proposal and investigate the problem deeper.

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