Research Proposal on Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster risk reduction is the complicated policy which is aimed at the prediction and reduction of the consequences of the natural disasters. Nowadays the frequency of the natural disasters has increased greatly and there are many factors of it. First of all it the harmful human activity, which caused the climate change and distorted the balance in ecosystems. Deforestation, pollution, greenhouse effect cause the climate change and the weather patterns have become unpredictable and threat people with numerous disasters. In fact, it is obvious that such disasters as volcano eruption and earthquakes are not caused by the human being, but the majority climatic alterations have been caused by the humanity. Today people got used to numerous disasters and they try to reduce the risk and destroying power of the disasters with the help of numerous means. First of all, much money has been spent on the development of the brand new technologies which help to predict the disaster, inform the population of the area about it and evacuate them successfully.

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Furthermore, the core attention is paid on the emergency services, which provide people with the high-quality health care assistance in case of a disaster. Disasters cause harm to the economic and demographic situation of the country, because in order to restore the area after a disaster much money should be paid which hits the country’s budget seriously. In order to make the financial pressure less serious numerous international organizations which provide help with the reduction of the consequences of the disasters have been established. The member countries of these organizations combine efforts and together solve the problem of the consequences of the disaster.

The question of disaster risk reduction is quite important, because it is really difficult to predict the disaster and cope with its consequences effectively. Numerous methods and techniques have already been invented but they are hardly ever effective enough. So, a student can try to research the topic himself and suggest his own approach to the problem under research. A good disaster risk reduction research proposal should explain the importance and relevance of the topic and persuade the professor in the success of the topic. One should share his brand new ideas, methods and sources with the professor and conclude the paper professionally evaluating its importance.

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Custom Research Proposal on Disaster Risk Reduction

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