Research Proposal on Educational Management

Educational management is the complicated set of activities and policies which are aimed at the maintenance of the quality of the educational process on its all levels. Educational management touches upon a great number of various disciplines, related with sociology, economics, political sciences, psychology, business and management, etc. The problem of educational management is quite serious, because it is important to organize the educational p process well and prepare the work of the educational institution well. The administration of every high school, college and university is responsible for the effectiveness of the educational process and their direct duty is to manage the students, the teaching staff, other employees of school, the curriculum, the technical side of education connected with the supply of energy and the appropriate devices required for education. First of all educational management is connected with human resource management, because it is essential to organize the work of the staff and students correctly.

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In addition the institution should think about the finance, the building itself and about the equipment. One should maintain the proper safe condition of the building, renovate it on time and improve the quality of its rooms constantly. The question of the equipment is very important, because every institution requires a great number of the specific devices in order to teach children IT, chemistry, physics, biology, etc. Educational management is responsible for the skilful funding of the institution in order to pay salary for the staff and purchase the appropriate equipment.

Educational management is closely connected with the great number of various spheres and the quality of the management influences the level of the educational institution and the quality of its work. The problem of educational management is quite serious and there is still a wide space for suggestion, so a student can prepare a good educational management research proposal and demonstrate his alternative vision of the question. A good research proposal should explain the topic from all sides and present the purpose of the research of the problem on educational management and dwell on its core aspects and elements. Furthermore, it is important to share the methodology and literature review sections and present the predicted results of the research in order to persuade the professor in the success of the choice of the topic for the investigation.

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Custom Research Proposal on Educational Management

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