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The Law On Education states that the procedure and grounds for school dropouts must necessarily be fixed in the Charter of the educational institution.

Those writers who are looking for writing a successful research paper on school dropout have to know that the very same Law On education provides the following rules:

By decision of the governing body of an educational institution, the dropout the educational institution is possible for the committing of multiple gross violation of the charter of this educational institution, upon reaching by the student the age of fifteen years.

The dropout from the educational institution the student is possible if the various educational measures have failed and the continued presence of the student in an educational institution has a negative impact on other students, for example, if the student violates their rights and the rights of employees of the educational institution or the normal functioning of the educational institution is impossible.

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The decision to expel the student that did not receive general education, is possible with taking into account the opinions of the student’s parents (legal representatives), and with the consent of the Commission on Minors with protection of their rights. The decision to expel orphans and children left without parental care shall be taken with the consent of the Commission on Minors with protection of their rights and the guardianship authority.

Educational institution is obliged to immediately inform the student’s parents (legal representatives) and local government about the student’s exclusion from the educational institution.

Thus, school dropout should be made ??only by decision of the management of the educational institution, headed by the principal of the school and with the consent of the Commission on Minors with protection of their rights.

For an explanation of the term “management of the educational institution” you should apply to the School Charter. These bodies can be self-governing bodies: the school board, teachers’ council, the parent committee, the board of trustees, and so on. Moreover, the School Charter shall ensure the powers of these authorities to make a decision on expulsion of students.

The concept of “gross violation of the statute” is also controlled by the Charter School. Those include: fighting, threats, intimidation, extortion, injury or rudeness, rudeness (verbal and physical), the systematic late to class, truancy, academic failure, theft, destruction of property of the school, students, staff and visitors, smoking, alcohol beverages, drugs, disruption of classes and others mentioned in the School Charter.

Repeatedly called violations are those committed more than once. In addition, to expel a bully from the school you need to present the evidence of educational work with him, and confirming that there are no positive results of such work.

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