Research Proposal on Educational Problem

Educational problem is the problem which influences the quality of education and student’s satisfaction with the process of studying. It is obvious that the educational process has always been quite a controversial and complicated issue, because it is impossible to find the right approach towards students and all the methods which have been invented by the famous pedagogues can be applied in the individual cases. Most often educational problems are associated with the negative factors which spoil the student’s academic progress, participation in various events related with activity after classes, etc. The most influential factors which affect the process of education are: family problems, personal physical and psychological problems, socialization problems, behavioral problems, etc.

So, starting from the initial problem which evaluates student’s progress it is possible to say that his inherited potential, strong and weak sides are very important for the educational progress of the child.

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Of course, if one is talented, he will have to take fewer efforts to succeed, while the common child will have to work hard to reach success. The family and economic problems are more important in this case, because if the child lives in the constant stress, where the members of his family quarrel, consume alcohol and take drugs, it will be difficult for him to study well. Moreover, if there are financial problems, students often have to live up studying and look for a job. Finally, the majority of educational problems occur because of the student’s disability to set contacts with his classmates. The lack of communication and friendship affects the human psychics harmfully and one the results of this influence is the reduction of the student’s educational progress.

Educational problems are the problem which most often occur in the educational institutions and the student is able to focus on their types and frequency and analyze what problems occur at school, college and university and analyze the factors which cause them.

One should try to analyze the topic deeper and observe the issue of educational problem from the point of view of psychology, physiology, economics, ethics, history and geography. It is important to analyze the most frequent educational problems in order to brainstorm the solutions to these problems and the improvement of the student’s educational progress and the school discipline in general.

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