Research Proposal on Truancy

Truancy is the action practised by students and is characterized with the illegal absence from classes. The phenomenon of truancy is quite a natural one, because nearly every student does not want to go to school and looks for the chance to miss classes. In fact, most students only wish to miss classes, while the other ones embody this wish into life. In the majority of countries the absence from the compulsory education is punished strictly, because the student is obliged to study but not to wander somewhere.

The most obvious reason of truancy is the absence of motivation to study, problems with the process of education, low marks, family problems, negative impact of friends, etc. It is natural that the result of truancy is far more negative, because the student loses the chance of self-development, his current progress reduces and he loses the chance to pass the exams successfully and enter a good college in future. In addition, being absent at classes the student has much time and spends it in the negative way.

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First of all, such students are at the risk of being involved into the street gangs; they can start smoking, consuming alcohol and even taking drugs. The impact of these habits is unfavorable for the student’s health. The US and British schools take the issue of truancy under the strict control punishing students strictly. In addition, the question is also solved with the help of the involvement of parents. If the child keeps on playing hookey, his parents are fined. The police and the special organizations and groups of people help educational institutions with the detection of students and returning them to the educational process.

Truancy is a serious problem of current time and it is connected with the students who miss classes possessing no desire to study. The student is able to observe this problem is detail and probably bring the light on its cause and solutions. The proposal is supposed to contain the information about the factors which cause truancy and explain the possible ways of the solution of the problem. One should construct a strict structure for the paper and define the major questions requires for the research and predict the possible result of the analysis. Finally, the student should share the methods and sources which are used to research the issue on truancy.

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