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Verbal abuse (verbal aggression or verbal attack) is a form of abusive behavior involving the use of language. It is a form of insult that can occur with or without the use of expletives. Although oral communication is not the only common form, verbal abuse can both be done orally and in writing.

Verbal abuse is a part of behavioral class and may seriously interfere with the emotional development of an individual. A single exposure to verbal aggression may be sufficient to significantly affect the self-esteem of an individual’s emotional well-being and physical condition.

Verbal abuse is described as an emotional environment organized by the profiteer in order to control both mentally and physically another individual. The profiteer attempts to place the victim in a position of weakness.

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The reports on verbal and emotional abuse state that they frequently occur in couples of men and women. In such contexts, victims reported remain largely women, although in some cultural pressings toward men may result in a proportion and number of male victims of abuse. In some cases, verbal abuse can happen to people of all kinds – race, culture, size, sexual orientation, or age.

Typically, verbal abuse increases in intensity with time and may very well end in a physical assault.

During an intense verbal abuse, the victim usually suffers from low self-esteem. Thus, victims may eventually suffer from clinical depression and symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Despite the fact that this is a very common type of abuse, verbal abuse is not perceived as serious form of abuse because, apart from the fact that there may be the presence of witnesses, there is no evidence.

However, in reality, in cases of moderate to severe verbal abuse (especially during which the victim suffers repeated attacks) can be much more harmful to the health of an individual than physical abuse.

Verbal abuse from a young age can create an inferiority complex, macho attitudes, and other negative behaviors that may extend into old age. Individuals who is verbally attacked on a regular basis should seek advice from professionals and get away from the negative environment when possible. Remaining around the profiteer can seriously affect well-being of the individual.

Consensual verbal abuse (verbal or humiliation) is a common practice of erotic humiliation, often BDSM area. In consensual manner, the subject is permitted to insult and / or to be humiliated by his dominant in order to arouse sexually or satisfy masochistic tendency, which is the pursuit of pleasure in the pain.

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