Research Proposal on Face Recognition

Face recognition is the practical branch of pattern recognition, which is aimed at the automatic localization of the face on a photo and if it is required at the identification of the person on the basis of her face. The function of face recognition is already used by a few corporations manufacturing IT products, personal computers and smart phones (for example, the face recognition software Picasa, iPhoto, etc.).

The task of face recognition is supposed to be the primary and probably the easiest practical task in the sphere of pattern recognition. There are nine categories of objects which can be recognized as the separate and totally unique symbols: the objects which can be processed (a watch, a cup, keys); the objects which can be partially processed (materials, automobiles, etc); the objects which can not be processed (trees, buildings); faces; mimics; live organisms (human, animal); printed signs (letters, signs, symbols); handwriting; the characteristics and location of the objects of light (the moon and the sun).

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The computer software which is able to recognize faces is very important for the existence of the human society, because it makes the work of various services easier and more efficient. The most obvious spheres which require the system of face recognition is the police, the armed forces, the sphere of the international relations, etc. It is a great advantage if the police are able to recognize the criminal’s face in the photo or video and with the help of the system identify him and catch him. In addition, the work of customs is seriously improved with the rapid recognition and identification of the person’s face who tries to cross the border.

Face recognition is an important system which can help numerous services with their work. The student is able to analyze the practice of face recognition and evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of this system. One should focus on the purpose of the research, the most thought-provoking and disturbing questions on face recognition and share the expected results with the professor. The student is able to prepare his own project on face recognition and construct the unique system which would identity faces and other objects in the alternative way.

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