Research Proposal on Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation Research Proposal:

Female genital mutilation is the surgical operation on extraction or cutting of the female genitals without any medical reasons. According to the statistics of 2008 more than 100 million women survived this operation in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, etc. Female genital mutilation is generally a tradition, which still exists in Africa and South-West Asia.

Young women have to survive this operation, as well as young men have to go through the similar operation on their turn. The tradition appeared first in ancient Egypt and was also known in South America. When the Europeans came to the American native tribes, they learnt about this ritual, which was connected with the religious cults. Of course, it was accepted negatively and the Catholic Church reacted to the ritual negatively. Unfortunately, the tradition partially remained in Brazil, South Mexico and Peru.

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It does not worth mentioning that the attitude of the general public towards female genital mutilation is negative, because it is the harm for the human health. Any religion has the requirement to practice the operation of female genital operation and the current practice of the procedure dates back to the prehistoric times. In the majority of Western countries female genital mutilation is forbidden. The laws also exist in Egypt and other countries of Africa but the ritual is still practised widely. Numerous international organizations protest against the operation, because it causes harm to the women’s health and psychics. In addition, United Nations Organization forbade female genital mutilation in 2012 and treats it like violence.

Female genital mutilation is a kind of operation which is still practised in the certain countries being a part of their culture. The problem is quite a controversial one, because one must not judge the traditions of other countries, but on the other hand, the procedure is harmful for the human health and affects the female psychics badly. In addition, the majority of these operations are practised because of the poor level of the women’s rights and the person survives the operation involuntarily.

The student who is writing the research proposal should dwell on the cause and effect of female genital mutilation, explain the procedure in detail, present its types, pluses and minuses of the operation, the geography of its use and the impact of the women’s health.

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Custom Research Proposal on Female Genital Mutilation

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