Research Proposal on Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is the complex industry which includes various forms of business, like hotels, restaurants, theme parks, certain forms of tourism industry which are aimed at the client’s entertainment and rest. Naturally, hospitality industry is a very important business nowadays due to the rapid development of tourism. Millions people all over the world travel with the purpose to entertain, to have a rest and learn something new about the country they visit. Of course, in order to provide tourists with all the conveniences many efforts are taken.

The basic need of every tourist is to sleep somewhere and here the hospitality industry appears organizing hotels and hostels for different types of clients offering affordable and expensive rooms for them. Obviously, it is a difficult job to manage a hotel, because the staff is great (there are porters, servers, cleaners, kitchen workers, etc) and the services should meet the level of the hotel. The managers should monitor the order of quality of work, hygienic norms, etc.

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Every respected hotel has its own restaurant and it is the part of the hospitality industry. The owner of the hotel and the restaurant should follow the quality and the choice of dishes, the level of serving and make sure the clients are satisfied. The organization of the theme parks is far more complicated, because the business does not simply include the park with its attractions but also numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs and hotels, because the visitors of the theme parks require eating something and spending a night somewhere. Generally, hospitality industry includes a vast field of services and businesses which coexist for the common benefit of their owner.

Hospitality industry is a serious modern business, which requires careful and reasonable organization. If the student has wise ideas concerning the development of the hospitality business, he can prepare a hospitality industry research proposal and prove to the professor that the topic is worth research. A good proposal should illustrate the purpose of the research, the methods and literature used for the analysis of the hospitality industry and the sensible conclusion of the paper. The student should make the predictions concerning the results of the research and evaluate the relevance of the problem of hospitality industry and predict the ways of its further improvement.

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